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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Getting technology to simply work isn’t good enough. The goal for technology is to serve the needs of the business, and in a way that really makes a difference. It’s not just about getting something to power up, but to perform an actual function. The rub of course is that it takes experience to understand the best way to get something done – particularly in technology.

Microsoft Azure is no exception to this rule.

Consult the Experts

As the most rapidly-growing Cloud platform, Azure represents a powerful option for many organizations to enhance their technology environments. By partnering with COMPAREX, today’s Microsoft Cloud leader, our clients gain a clear path towards understanding how to leverage Azure through prescribed, best practices, ROI-driven engagements. Built on years of experience as a Microsoft partner, our methodology for creating a successful Azure infrastructure includes dedicated account management, a deep Azure Assessment, and specialty consulting opportunities to ramp up your unique workloads.

3 Steps to a Better Azure

  • Start with an Azure Workload Assessment. Our Cloud Engineers will perform a complete review of your infrastructure, including hardware and workload mapping, pricing plan options, and a total cost of ownership overview.

  • With a monthly cadence, our Technical Account Managers will partner with you to develop a long-term Azure strategy that aligns to your specific goals, keep you current on Azure Service Updates, and review benchmark progress based on your consumption and spend reports.

  • Azure Cloud Consultations offer a unique opportunity to work directly with COMPAREX’s and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Specialists. Reviewing specific workloads, our team helps analyze current or future deployment plans to provide architecture support, remediation assistance, and advanced training.

Make the Most of Azure

Unified Cloud Management for Azure includes extensive monitoring and reporting tools that streamline the everyday management of your platform. Gain visibility into consumption and spend, helping you to create predictable budgets for the future.

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