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Buy Azure. Buy Right.

Buying Azure is simple. Getting the best deal is the real challenge. While there are several ways to buy Azure, it’s best to consider who in the organization will be utilizing and managing the platform and what are your current business needs. As an award winning Microsoft licensing partner, COMPAREX helps craft the best strategy for your business. Through our free licensing assessments, most organizations find the greatest value in Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement or Server and Cloud Enrollment.

Enterprise Agreement

Organizations with an Enterprise Agreement (EA) can add Azure to their agreement as long as they make an upfront monetary commitment to Azure. EA customers are guaranteed the best pricing, regardless of upfront commit and in addition to per meter prices. With payment flexibility, the EA lets you pay at the end of the year for any unplanned growth, allowing you to scale as needed. Finally, EA customers also gain access to the Enterprise Portal for help with managing multiple accounts or subscriptions.

Server and Cloud Enrollment

Microsoft’s Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) is a volume licensing program geared toward heavier users of Azure. Offering a deep discount on storage in Azure, the SCE requires a 3 year commitment, with a minimum $12,000 up-front year 1 spend. The SCE can be a simple option for an organization to standardize its on-premise and cloud investments. While the SCE is available under the EA, it’s also available as a stand-alone option. Oftentimes an EA is initiated by the manager or team responsible for desktop applications, but the SCE lets other teams who may need to own the Azure subscription have direct control. Learn more about the SCE.

Make the Most of Azure

Unified Cloud Management for Azure includes extensive monitoring and reporting tools that streamline the everyday management of your platform. Gain visibility into consumption and spend, helping you to create predictable budgets for the future.

Learn More about UCM for Azure

Routes to Azure

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