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4 Ways the Cloud Increases Collaboration

As organizations move to adopt cloud technologies, their employees gain a multitude of benefits, including access to cloud-based tools that enable faster, more accurate and more productive collaboration among their teams. According to a recent Gartner report, collaboration among employees decreases in organizations that make little effort to modernize their… Read More

How-To Guide: Enable DKIM in Office 365

Over half of Internet users get at least one phishing email each day, which can potentially expose a company’s network to a security risk if not handled properly. Understandably, protecting a company’s network from this fraudulent practice is top of mind for many IT professionals.  Tyler Williams, Senior Project Engineer… Read More

Why You Need a Licensing Expert on Your Side

So, you’ve performed some internal analysis and found that your organization is 90% compliant with your Microsoft licensing environment – is that enough to pass an audit? You might think so, based on history. However, Microsoft has recently included verbiage in their agreement releases solidifying the penalties for organizations that… Read More

Employees want to work from home? No problem.

According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2015, telecommuting is on the rise and now nearly 40% of workers report working remotely. It’s been a growing trend for many years and as technology has evolved, it’s become more acceptable for a team member to “WFH” instead of coming into the… Read More

Small Businesses Gain a Competitive Edge with Office 365

The line between work and “real” life can be especially blurry these days, and even more so for small business owners and employees. Many wouldn’t think twice about answering an email any time of day or night, or of even taking a quick call while on vacation. This sort of… Read More

Cloud PBX: Make Calls from Office 365

If your company is still managing their telephone system using traditional PBX (private branch exchange), it’s the perfect time to update to the new Cloud PBX system from Microsoft. You can save money and consolidate infrastructure when you replace your legacy meeting and phone systems with the Cloud PBX system… Read More

Excel 2016: Three New Enhancements You Might Have Missed

Excel 2016 rolled out three new enhancements now available with Office 365. If you’ve ever wondered where all of your time went, whether you should ditch that stock you’ve been holding on to, or how your retirement plan is stacking up compared to goal, these recently-released enhancements make it easy… Read More

Five Tips for Using Skype for Business

Instant messaging and video conferencing have changed the way that organizations communicate, reducing business travel expenses and making dispersed workforces seem as though they were only cubes apart. The ability to quickly and efficiently collaborate on documents in real-time by screen-sharing and hosting interactive meetings with key attendees are just… Read More

Calendar Settings in Office 365

Calendar Settings in Office 365 This is a great feature when travelling through different time zones and maybe you want to have your calendar remain set to your primary time zone.  Or, maybe you’d like to set up your calendar to align with a team you are managing in another… Read More

How To Guide: Create a Blank Address List in Office 365

For K-12 and higher education IT administrators, managing students’ mailboxes is a task that requires unique treatment. Unlike in most corporate environments, users should not have full access to the global address list of faculty/staff, alumni and other students.  In order to control communication access for students and protect identities,… Read More